Le Parc National du Waza

Just a short one…

The final chapter in our little tour of Cameroon: le Parc National du Waza. Originating as a hunting reserve and later turned national park — I suppose the government realized they could make more money from tourism by preserving the animals rather than killing them — Waza National Park in theory should have what they call the ‘Big Five’ animals of Africa (I think leopard, rhino, buffalo, lion, plus one other) but due to poaching/corruption etc. some animals are more rare than others.

The park at sunrise

The park at sunrise

My post Mora is about a 2 hour drive from the Park so we had our group pick us up on the way from Maroua. As we approached the park we began to see monkeys roaming around the area, I’ve seen monkeys in zoos before but it was really neat and different to see them right outside of our car just roaming around among people, goats, and other livestock.

Entrance to Waza National Park

Entrance to Waza National Park

After entering the park, we drove around for a while maybe about a hour or two wondering if we’ll ever spot some wildlife. Finally, we spotted a group of about five giraffes. After getting a little closer we got out of the vehicle and proceeded to stalk them on foot. We couldn’t get too close obviously because the giraffes would just move away, I did manage to get some nice photos of them in a scene that looks very “Africa”.

on the run

on the run


watching humans in the wild

watching humans in the wild

Proceeding on throughout the day we later saw some antelope, an ostrich, a couple warthogs, lots of birds, and elephant tracks unfortunately no actual elephants were seen. Overall, the giraffes were the best part and well worth the trip.


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  1. Levi says:

    That’s really fuckin’ cool.

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